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Tamas Ferencz Feb 27, 2018 (15:26)

A shot at the Pythagoras theorem - an interesting challenge :)

Quí mo teke *kankimi[1] to *téranehtea neltilo ilye kimbar, i *kankimo *latse[2] ya ná lanna i *téranehte[3] ná i exe *kankimion latseron nonwe.

"If one draws rectangles on every side of a right triangle, the area of the rectangle that is athwart the right angle is the sum of the area of the other rectangles."

[1] kankin (kankim-) "rectangle"; thanks to SP for the suggestion (see in an earlier thread)
[2] latse "area, space, room" from LAT, see EQ larma which apparently comes from an earlier version of the root
[3] téranehte "straight angle"