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Tamas Ferencz Sep 25, 2014 (12:21)

A translation inspired by this post in the JRR Tolkien Fans community. It's not perfect, I can feel it, but perhaps not bad as a first attempt at this verse:

Et yulmallo aironwa Erendil orya
Mí Endóreo rímo huine
Lo Lómeo fenna ve  calima alca
Olla yúyal-yonwa campe,
Tentane lunterya ve tinwe telepta
Lo narquelea litse
Ter i silma súle Reo ruina faire
Númenorello lende

Éarendel sprang up from the Ocean’s cup
In the gloom of the mid-world’s rim;
From the door of Night as a ray of light
Leapt over the twilight brim,
And launching his bark like a silver spark
From the golden-fading sand;
Down the sunlit breath of Day’s fiery Death
He sped from Westerland