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Wesley Stump Sep 05, 2017 (00:21)

Greetings! I am afraid I have received a faulty copy of the 2015 edition for Quetin i Lambë Eldaiva English Royal by Thorsten Renk after buying it off of Amazon. There seem to be many cut-offs, spelling errors, and random letters interted into the book when compared to the 2004 version online. An example of this is when the Lesson 2 Vocabulary is given, the definition of núta is "set, sink (of sun and" when if should have "set, sink (of sun and moon)". Does anyone else have this problem with their 2015 edition??? I am really unhappy to find 3 to 4 errors each lesson over something that could be easily fixed... If you think that I DID receive a faulty copy of the book, please tell me!

Tamas Ferencz Sep 05, 2017 (08:57)

I do not have any experience with the printed version but I cannot see how only one copy of the book could be faulty - I assume all of them are printed off the same manuscript which it seems lacks some proof-reading?