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Александр Запрягаев May 21, 2015 (19:44)

Mudas garnen na-vedui! Nelchaen linnyd (vi lammath rim), min ilaurui egor ned, — man pen iuitha vi aur vethed? Ingassen teithad naid veleg, nal laim bain i iston, mal idhron thî verthais egil, cared e•linnod o aurath ioer, nadhren sui pelin — a bain. Ma adegleriathanc i•Anor?

Úriel ammen urui, Nórcheryn, anno eraid!

úriel < eria- (*oryā-)
Nórcheryn < naur + heryn

Tamas Ferencz May 22, 2015 (10:31)

mal idhron thî verthais egil - this has stumped me, can you help please?

Александр Запрягаев May 22, 2015 (10:37)

+Tamas Ferencz 'But now I desire different challenges…'.

Tamas Ferencz May 22, 2015 (10:42)

face other dares?
is egil from Gnomish eleg?

Александр Запрягаев May 22, 2015 (18:17)

+Tamas Ferencz Yes, with Gn. eleg and S. egel, eglon of unclear meaning, somehow connected to Eglathrim 'Forsaken' (PE17:140-142). It was proposed, if I remember well, some time ago in +Hjalmar Holm 's discussion of 'rare, unusual' words in Sindarin.

Hjalmar Holm May 29, 2015 (16:59)

Yes, it was, along with *elerin, with positive connotations, and *othren, with worse connotations.