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Tamas Ferencz Sep 19, 2016 (12:47)


Comments are, as always, very-very welcome.

At once he set off with long deliberate strides through the trees, deeper and deeper into the wood, never far from the stream, climbing steadily up towards the slopes of the mountains. Many of the trees seemed asleep, or as unaware of him as of any other creature that merely passed by; but some quivered, and some raised up their branches above his head as he approached. All the while, as he walked, he talked to himself in a long running stream of musical sounds

LR, Book III Chapter 4 Treebeard

*Imlume oantes ande, menestie telkontarínen[1] tere i aldar, ambela ta ambela mina i taure, la háya i kelumello úlume, tankave oryala i orontion ampendennar. Nótime aldali nemner alora, hya laiste laistie seo yalle *ainime exe nassion i er méner ara te; mal nótime *irinyer, ta nótime ortaner olvantar or karerya yalle ménes amna. Ilya lusse, yasse patanes, karampes imsenna lindion andave siryala kelussenen.

*imlume adv. ‘at the same time, at once, immediately’ im- ‘self, same’ + lúme
*ainima adj. ‘any, any kind’ from manima ‘what sort, what kind’ (PE22) using +#ai- ‘any’ , cf. aiquen
*irya- pa.t. *irinye v. ‘quiver, shudder’ from GIR cf. N gir-
[1] telkontare n. ‘stride’ verbal noun from telkonta- ‘stride’

Björn Fromén Sep 19, 2016 (23:41)

For 'asleep' I think I'd use lorne (Etym LOS-).
According to PE 22:155 laista is a noun ('ignorance'), while laistila, laistea are adjectives ('ignorant'). So perhaps rather laistie for 'unaware'?

Tamas Ferencz Sep 20, 2016 (09:12)

+Björn Fromén both good observations, thanks! Laista certainly needs to be replaced. Alora is not incorrect I feel, merely a different solution.

Björn Fromén Sep 20, 2016 (17:33)

+Tamas Ferencz I'm unsure how to interpret alora. Is it an infinitive with prefixed a-? If so, I'd expect lore (aorist) or lóra (continuous stem used as an infinitive). As for the prefix a-, it seems to be restricted to transitive infinitives with objects (per the glossarial commentary to The Last Ark).

Tamas Ferencz Sep 21, 2016 (08:54)

+Björn Fromén analyzing the structure of the sentence indeed as 'seemed' and 'asleep' both belong to 'the trees', *alora is not a good choice.