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Tamas Ferencz Feb 05, 2013 (13:42)

Carl F. Hostetter has announced on +#lambengolmor that VT 50 is nearing completion and would be available for ordering soon.
Apparently PE 21 is also in the wings, with more material on Quenya nouns.  The info is from via LOTRPlaza, perhaps +Ryszard Derdziński can confirm?

All in all, exciting Spring for Eldarin enthusiasts.

Jenna Carpenter Feb 05, 2013 (17:43)

Yip! Looking forward to reading both of them.

Fiona Jallings Feb 05, 2013 (23:06)

Yay! This is going to be exciting!

Matt Dinse Feb 06, 2013 (04:48)

Indeed; I'm excited to see the Túrin Wrapper texts in full, and with CFH's analysis. I have one niggle; the source on Facebook for PE21 info uses the term 'Qenya,' so perhaps it might be material from 1930s or earlier?

Tamas Ferencz Feb 06, 2013 (10:03)

Thanks, +Matthew Dinse ! Qenya is equally exciting, I'd say.

Lőrinczi Gábor Feb 08, 2013 (18:15)

OMG, "...analysis of the "Túrin Wrapper", featuring a set of three untranslated Sindarin texts..." Si han aníron. :)

Fiona Jallings Feb 09, 2013 (00:21)

Really? Oh, now I really want to see this!

Tamas Ferencz Feb 09, 2013 (09:27)

3 new Sindarin texts, now that will effectively increase our existing corpus by some 40%:-)

Fiona Jallings Feb 09, 2013 (09:33)

LOL, what we deeply need in Neo-Sindarin is more material to work off of. Neo-Quenya users are so spoiled!