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Tamas Ferencz Jul 21, 2014 (15:29)

*orda 'bidding, advice'?

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Jul 21, 2014 (16:56)

Or tenta-ndë, pëant-ië, –a-ndë[1]... vs. enya, *enwe(nd-) [2] (#1 = Qe "device, method, trick, [singular] planning, devising" = old side-meanings of Finnish neuvo "piece of advice"), *enil "[small] item of planning" (cp. VT47:33).

[1] Qenya pëanta- "give instructions, enjoin", PE12:72. If the underlying root was *PAY-AN, a "thing produced" type derivative *pëan-wa, -wë could make sense as well.
[2] Variant –we(n) pro –me(n) after a nasal consonant. Compare with meaning & correlation of the v/n suffixes in alya- / almë (almë = a singular blessing; after 1967 one might expect *almen(d-) in light of PE17:68).