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Rick Spell Aug 23, 2014 (02:08)

I need some translation help: "The women will write songs about their faithful husbands."  Thanks!

Rick Spell Aug 23, 2014 (03:48)

Quenya, please!

Matt Dinse Aug 23, 2014 (04:35)

I might render it as i nissi maituvar lindi pa sarta veruntya, though I'm not sure if maita- "design, compose" should be used given the other assigned meanings for that root in other manuscript versions. Also, how to write "husbands" without implying polygamy ... perhaps off the analogy of mánta?

Any suggestions/corrections?

Rick Spell Aug 23, 2014 (04:49)

I came up with something like "I nissi tecuvar lindi i vorondë vennorenta, except that I didn't know how to get "about" in there, using the vocabulary and grammar we have covered in the course. The only thing I see in the lessons is that the genitive can mean "of" in the sense of about or concerning. But how to get the genitive on vennorenta seems impossible. I will look up pa and sarta. That is apparently what I need. Your help is appreciated!

Tamas Ferencz Aug 23, 2014 (08:28)

+Rick Spell I think both your and Matt's solution would work here, i. e. pa veruntyar or veruntyaron, and I also think maita is a good choice, context helps to understand the intended meaning.

Rick Spell Aug 23, 2014 (15:36)

Thanks, Tamas and Matt. This clears it up for me.