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Tamas Ferencz Nov 01, 2017 (14:10)

‘Malo olanetye lunganna, lótenya?
’Ammilke maquali leptaner ni síra.’
’Manen athyuvan tyen *itan nauval merya?’
’Nai netyuvan ta nette ye tá lilta.’
’Malka kalpa enar na tultuvan tyen, nyara?’
’*Lalka, melda, *lalka, queluvanye tenta.’

Gondolinian folk song

'Why have you become sad, my flower?'
'Greedy hands picked me today.'
'How shall I help you so that you be merry?'
'Let me adorn that maiden who's there dancing.'
'How big a vase shall I bring you tomorrow, tell me?'
'None, my beloved, none, I shall wither by then.'


malo pron. "whence, from where, from what, here: by what means" cf.
itan conj. "so that"
ma[lka] [..] na tultuvan? tentative syntax for 'how/what should I...?'
lalka pron. negative of malka "how big"

Ицхак Пензев Nov 01, 2017 (14:24)

I'd put ten +1s if I could!