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Paul Strack Feb 22, 2015 (19:04)

I released a small update to the Eldamo lexicon (v0.4.3). I am not planning on releasing updates on a weekly basis, but Tamas Ferencz inspired me to add a simple search page.
Eldamo : Search
[Home]. Search: |. All Languages, All Quenya, Sindarin/Noldorin/Gnomish. | No Names | << < > >> | Reset.

Tamas Ferencz Feb 22, 2015 (21:09)

Fantastic, thank you! Always glad to be an inspiration:)

Tamas Ferencz Feb 26, 2015 (11:49)

Hi, +Paul Strack something I have noticed: searching for arf the results do not include S and N parf (although the do include other words containing this string).
Also, would you consider adding a link to the search page in the header? Would make repeated searches easier.
Thanks for considering this!

Paul Strack Feb 27, 2015 (08:34)

I see parf when I search using arf, though it is several pages in. I am using a very quick-and-dirty relevancy algorithm, so the results are not in an obvious order (matches at the beginning of the word are first, followed by matches inside the word, followed by matches in English glosses).

I will look into adding a search link in the header in the next release.

Tamas Ferencz Feb 27, 2015 (08:54)

+Paul Strack
my bad - indeed it is there. Apologies!