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Paul Strack Jun 03, 2015 (16:07)

In case folks haven't seen this, Glǽmscrafu just completely overhauled their site.

Tamas Ferencz Jun 03, 2015 (16:14)

It certainly looks very nice now.

Rick Spell Jun 03, 2015 (17:04)

+Paul Strack​ Thanks for the reference! This is a great site that I did not know about. I am very interested in trying to get the pronunciation right.

Александр Запрягаев Jun 04, 2015 (17:55)

Wow, Tolkien's compositions in Old English! Lots of fun to try and translate them into Eldarin as well…

Matt Dinse Jun 05, 2015 (02:56)

They announced this revamp on LotRPlaza, Council of Elrond, and Mellyn Lammath (in German), and the first one had a bit of discussion:

Fiona Jallings Jun 11, 2015 (20:23)

Google announced in April that they're going to start discriminating websites which aren't smart-phone friendly, which may be part of it. I'm also in the midst of modernizing my website.